Day 1 – September 30th

8:15 - Welcome

8:30 - Live and Recorded Cases – Atrial Arrhythmias
Chair: Luigi Di Biase, Roberto De Ponti

Live Cases:
Case 1: Novel Cryo Balloon for AF Ablation - CCM Team, Gianbattista Chierchia
Case 2: New Technologies for AF Ablation I - CCM Team
Case 3: PFA - Massimo Grimaldi

Recorded/Broadcasted Cases:
Case 1: Why I like Diamond(s)? - Carlo De Asmundis
Case 2: This is my way to isolate PV - Mattias Duytschaever
Case 3: Why I prefer contact HD mapping II - Javier Moreno
Case 4: Why I prefer non contact HD mapping - Carlo De Asmundis

10:30 – Break

10:50: Live and Recorded Cases- Atrial Arrhythmias
Chair: Mattias Duytschaever, Stefano Benussi, Roberto De Ponti

Live Cases:
Case 1: How to approach persistent AF RF - CCM Team, Moussa Mansour
Case 2: How to approach persistent AF with HPSD RF - CCM Team, Andrea Natale
Case 3: Hybrid approach for persistent AF  (subxiphoid approach) - Gianluca Polvani

Recorded/Broadcasted Cases:
Case 1: Atrial Fibrosis - Gianluca Pontone
Case 2: Why I prefer thoracoscopic approach for AF ablation - Stefano Benussi
Case 3: Why I prefer RF for persistent AF ablation - Amin Al Ahmad,  Andrea Natale

13:00 – Lunch

14:00: Live Cases and Recorded Cases – LAA Closure
Chair: Luigi Di Biase, Moussa Mansour

Live Cases:
Case 1: ICE guided LAA occlusion - CCM Team
Case 2: ICE guided LAA occlusion I and II - CCM Team

Recorded Cases:
Case 1: Why I prefer TEE for LAA occlusion - Boris Schmidt
Case 2: Why I prefer ICE for LAA occlusion - Sergio Berti
Case 3: What to do with post LAAC leakage? - Rodney Horton

17:00 - Adjourn

Day 2 – October 1st

8:30: Live Cases and Recorded Cases – Ventricular Arrhythmias
Chair: Fermin Garcia, Pasquale Santangeli

Live Cases:
Case 1: VT ablation – Ischemic cardiomyopathy - CCM Team
Case 2: VT ablation – non ischemic cardiomyopathy  - CCM Team
Case 3: HSR Live Case - Paolo Della Bella

Recorded/Broadcasted Cases:
Case 1: Unusual PVC ablation - Fermin Garcia
Case 2: How to approach VT storm - Pasquale Santangeli
Case 3: CT scan for VT ablation - Daniele Andreini
Case 4: Cardiac sympathetic denervation: when and how - Gaetano Maria De Ferrari
Case 5: VT and bipolar transcatheter ablation - Filippo Cauti
Case 6: Fasicular VT approach and manegement - Ghaliah Ahmed Almohani

10:50 - Break

Live Cases:
Case 1: RVOT-VT/PVC ablation - CCM Team
Case 2: LVOT-VT/PVC ablation - CCM Team
Case 3: Surgical management of Brugada Syndrome - Gianbattista Chierchia  
Case 4: Why endomyocardial biopsy in EP? - Antonio Dello Russo, Michela Casella

13:00 - Lunch

14:00: Live Cases and Recorded cases - Devices
Chair: Mauro Biffi, Giovanni Forleo

Live Cases:
Case 1: Leadless PM AV Implant - CCM Team
Case 2: Leadless PM Implant - CCM Team
Case 3: CRT implant high-density mapping guided: retrospective+prospective - CCM Team

Recorded/Broadcasted Cases:
Case 1: Cardiac contractility modulation : hype or hope? - Mauro Biffi
Case 2: Left bundle branch pacing: technique and clinical benefits - Francesco Zanon
Case 3: Cardio-neuro ablation - CCM Team

17:00 - Conclusion

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